Legendary Bowman

Legendary Bowman

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  • - Required Android: 7.0 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 3, 2020


In the beginning, a war broke out between the gods and the devil over human domination.
After a fierce fight, they lost countless lives and entered the truce.
As time went by, peace seemed to come, but cracks began to develop.
In the crack, devil's servants attacked one or two and began to harass humans again.
A legendary bowman who lived in a quiet village couldn't see it anymore and lifted his bow once again

Don't waste your time anymore in your busy routine.
Just turn it on and your character will level up and collect gold.
Check it only occasionally!

♠How to play
-Please defeat the devil's servants by touching the screen!
-If you don't like screen touch, use the buff you receive every day.

♠Hunting ground
-Acquisition field: You can collect materials for making bows.
-Boss Dungeon: Beat the various bosses who are getting stronger and stronger!
-Infinite Tower: The endless Boss Monster

♠ Weapon
-Production system that can be made by anyone
-Make the strongest bow through reinforcement
-If you no longer need a Beginner's bow, you can take it apart and make it a better bow.

♠Attack Power Increase
-You can make a stronger character by using various skins, pets, and ornaments.

♠ Various rewards
 -There are many benefits from attendance checks, playtime rewards, and various missions.

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