Limitess Tycoon

Limitess Tycoon

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The new simulation business warfare mobile game " LimitessTycoon " is coming!

Game Description.
The new simulation business warfare mobile game " LimitessTycoon " is coming! Starting empty-handed,from rags to riches.Building your business empire!

In the game, you'll befriend celebrities, make investment acquisitions, make event decisions, conduct business negotiations with competitors, meet beautiful ladies, and more.

From a small shop facing the street to a business empire, the miracle of business is waiting for you to create it yourself!

【Perfectly immersive,Simulating modern commercial warfare】
From rags to riches,you’ll real estate acquisition, talent training, investment in stocks, etc..
Resemble modern commercial warfare scenes to create a realistic gaming experience for you.

【Beauties at the side,Exclusive private secretary】
The beautiful secretary will take care of the complicated affairs for you, and many celebrity beauties will accompany you to develop your business empire!

【Limited edition supercar,Showing your prestigious status】
Dozens of luxury cars are waiting for you to collect, and with the personality modification system, you can create a unique and superb luxury car!

【Form a business alliance,Create your money kingdom】
Form business alliances with your friends to point the way to the top and aim for the best in the world!

Experience the cruelty and excitemen in the business world. Come and realize your dream of becoming a CEO, and live a life of unbridled freedom at your fingertips!
【Become the Wolf of Wall Street,dominate the business world】

Target :the richest man in the world!
Company management, corporate acquisitions, and business negotiations allow you to experience the cruelty and excitement of business warfare without the gunpowder.

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