Little Slugger

Little Slugger

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  • Required Android: 5.1 and up
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  • Published/Updated Date: May 13, 2019


Baseball Bat and baseball keep the planet from alien invasion!

In 2029, the sudden invasion of an alien caused the Earth to fall into crisis.
All that remains is the old pitching machine, baseball, baseball bat, and cute baby cats.

But you do not give up and decide to fight the alien to save the planet.
Save the planet right now on the subway, in the bathroom, before bedtime!

- A new concept baseball action game that protects the earth with a baseball!
- Small but strong! Little Slugger!
- Hit the ball to the rhythm with a baseball bat!
- The more you strike a baseball, the easier it is to stop the alien invasion!
- If you block many UFOs, you can do it with your baby cat!
- Block more aliens with various baseball and baseball bats!
- Protect the earth with boys, girls, grandmothers, and monkeys!
- Send to save the Earth anytime, anywhere!
- Be a hero who defeated aliens and defended Earth!

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