Logic Cube: 3D Nonogram Puzzle

Logic Cube: 3D Nonogram Puzzle

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 17, 2021



Solve fun 3D logic puzzles and train your brain with the coolest griddlers and nonograms around! Discover incredible items by completing each puzzle and use them to decorate awesome levels!

Play your favorite picture cross logic puzzle game in gorgeous levels, discover beautiful items and share your nonogram decor accomplishments with your friends and family!

Express your creativity and create your own 3D nonogram spaces and unlock more levels to decorate as you play!

You only need to follow two steps to get started in this nonogram/picross logic puzzle game:

1-Look at the numbers at the ends the rows and columns;
2-Use logic and the tools available to fill the blocks and discover the hidden 3D picture in each of the brain puzzles!

Get started with your new favorite picross and nonogram game now!


????SOLVE countless brain-teasing, easy-to-expert 3D nonogram puzzles!

????DECORATE awesome levels with the items you discover by solving picture cross/nonogram/griddlers challenges and share your creations with your friends!

????USE logic to reveal the pictures hidden underneath the blocks! The simple and fun picross and nonogram logic puzzle gameplay you know and love, with the awesome twist of an added dimension!

????ENJOY hours upon hours of picross/picture cross logic puzzle gameplay with varying difficulty: lots of fun for all ages and skill levels!

????TRAIN your mind and get smarter with brain games and picture cross logic puzzles you can play anywhere, anytime!

????DISCOVER beautiful 3D images from different thematic picross sets as you solve more and more picture cross puzzles in this awesome nonogram logic game!

????SHOW OFF how smart you are by solving tridimensional picture cross puzzles as fast as you can! Griddlers and picross logic puzzle gameplay has never been this fun and beautiful!

If you're looking for a new 3D puzzle game with decor levels, now you've found it! The nonogram game with immersive tridimensional graphics you've always wanted is here!

Have loads of fun with thematic logic puzzle sets and power-up your problem solving skills without even noticing with awesome brain games!

You might not know nonogram, griddlers, picture cross or picross logic game puzzles yet, but if you like similar puzzle game brainteasers like crosswords and jigsaw puzzle games, you’ll love our griddlers in this new 3D picross game!

Enjoy an ever growing nonogram game collection of thematic picross logic puzzle level packs and puzzles and different logic game modes to cater for every taste! From easy warm-up puzzles to daunting picture cross mind bender brain games, take a wide selection of fun nonogram logic challenges and brain puzzles with you in a nonogram game to play anywhere!

Try to beat every single puzzle game available and discover all the gorgeous images hiding beneath the nonogram picture cross blocks! The bigger your puzzle logic game pic collection is, the more powerful your mind becomes in this titan among logic puzzle brain games and brain puzzles!

Each puzzle game solution you come up with for these deceptively simple number-based picross logic game puzzles counts as a complete mental workout, and you can create new picture cross logic puzzle challenges to boot!

Download now and start boosting the power of your brain with this genius nonogram logic puzzle game!

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