Lord of Clans (Early Access)

Lord of Clans (Early Access)

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  • - Required Android: Varies with device
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  • - Published/Updated Date: February 13, 2020


Lord of Clans is a free-to-play cross-platform (MMORTS) tactical strategy game with real-time battlefield army controls, city building elements, and deep in-game economy.

Lord of Clans Setting:
Harsh times in the Medieval Europe of Hundred Years' War. It’s a beautiful period of time stretched from the middle of 14th till the middle of 15th century, where chivalry and honor were in conflict with technological progress and political plots, swords and arrows were competing against muskets and cannons and of course the birthplace of legends about heroes and their glorious victories.

Lord of Clans Building Mode:
- Resources
- Army
- Walls for defense
- Buildings
- Up to 30 building types
- Upgrades

Combat mode:
- Unique real-time battles
- Defense preparation
- Tactical grid
- Possible huge wins & losses
- Army rebuilding
- Tactics
- Automatic battle modes
- PvE servers - Possibility to recover. Players do not lose their money.

World map and Politics:
- Building and conquering cities
- Controlling regions
- Joining coalitions
- Creating alliances
- Conducting politics
- Vassals (mentor and tax system)

In-game Economy
- Crafting system
- Trading
- Allies Supply
- Player driven economy

Naval Travel
- Advanced logistics options
- Transport whole armies together
- Reduced travel time
- Steal more resources

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