Lovecraft Quest - A Comix Game

Lovecraft Quest - A Comix Game

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Lovecraft Quest is a unique сomics style amusement propelled by crafted by Howard Phillips Lovecraft - a perceived ace of the repulsiveness kind.

You need to maintain a strategic distance from devices, explain perplexes and respond quick escaping from Lovecraftian detestations which fill the maze of the Temple of Nameless Cults.

You'll meet the master of the Deep Ones - Dagon, the worker of the Ancients - Shoggoth and, maybe, Cthulhu himself! The plot turns, life and good judgment of the principle character depend totally on your choices.


Envision that you are perusing energizing brilliant funnies. However, in contrast to normal funnies, there are a ton of intuitive components in the amusement - bewilders, elective endings and inbuilt small recreations.

Each scene is drawn by hand with extraordinary thoughtfulness regarding points of interest and regard to H.P. Lovecraft's works with the end goal to pass on the first style of his accounts in the most ideal way.

Moderate interface, additionally in funnies style, gives you a chance to jump into the puzzling environment of old cells and completely appreciate the story told in the diversion.

 Energizing ADVENTURE 

After a wreck, you wind up on an island, lost in the perpetual sea. The main entry from the sound where you woke up, looks to a great degree antiquated and loaded with shrouded danger. This is a passage to the prisons of the Temple of Nameless Cults.

What awful insider facts and monsters are covered up in the mazes of this Temple and where reckless interest can lead - you are to think that its all in a charming funnies story.

Stunning MINI-GAMES 

In Lovecraft Quest, there are both great riddles in style of the great old 2D point-and-snap journeys and response smaller than normal diversions.

Genuine adrenaline surge is sitting tight for you in the dynamic scenes where you ought to choose rapidly and pick the proper variation of your activities.

For instance, when you meet one of the mammoths staying in the cells of the Temple, you may endeavor to escape it, picking the right entryway in restricted time.

Various ENDINGS 

The diversion incorporates five distinctive closure variations. In best Lovecraft's conventions, every one of them is either variation of the fundamental character's passing.

Be watchful with your choices as the Temple of Nameless Cults is brimming with dreadful devices! Each thoughtless advance may turn into the last one.

All things considered, you can attempt to discover every one of the variations of your legend's fate - everything is in your grasp!

Arbitrary ELEMENT

To make your diversion encounter interesting, Lovecraft Quest broadly utilizes arbitrary occasions and procedural age - while making mazes, for instance.

Accumulation OBJECTS

In a few rooms of the Temple, you may discover curious - things from the Lovecraft's accounts, for example, Necronomicon, an incredible book composed by an insane chemist and magician Abdul Alhazred.

This book depicts the narrative of the Ancients - amazingly intense animals, abiding past the fringes of our measurement - and the enchanted ceremonies that can summon them.

The legend tells that the first book was hopelessly lost and that the remainder of the rest of the duplicates is kept in the library of Miskatonic University, situated in the town of Arkham.

You may endeavor to discover all ancient rarities and to take in the narrative of the each.

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