Lunch Punch - real-time PvP battles

Lunch Punch - real-time PvP battles

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Play Lunch Punch and See you in the Restaurant for the yummiest tower defense out there!

Ever had lunch when you had to witness two chefs at war, trying to claim the venue as their own and burst each other’s Cooking Stations into flames? Let alone, be one of those chefs...?

Well, with a delicious yet easy-to-grasp mix of defense and offense tactics seasoned with an ounce of luck, the Lunch Punch will serve you that very experience… and more!

You do like to play with friends, right? In that case, this is a collective card deck-based tower defense game for you, since it features tasty real-time PvP battles on the shopfloor. Start designing your strategy by picking cards associated with your cooking Assets; move on to place them about the Restaurant; and then take turns with your opponent to see who grills whom!

You’ve got a fine selection of appliance-type Items—each with its own battle specs, fortes and peculiarities. Get the Brave Toaster going to shower the opponent with missiles (bread, that is); grill or sizzle them with the help from the fabulous Donnie Tabasco; or hypnotize the opponent’s Assets with the Hypno Juicer to make them defect to your side!

You’ve got a solid range of kitchen-appropriate Objects that house regular battle Snacks with their own agenda, such as the evil Crabby Crabs, a mentally unstable coconut or the uncompromising Meaty Mike. And there are special Snacks that travel by air and ignore most shopfloor threats. (Spaghetti of Bane is out there somewhere!)

Basically, you’ve got it all to win! And that’s how you do it:
-Play the best cards and card combos from your deck
-Defend your own Cooking Station and try to destroy the opponent’s
-Span chains of Assets with your Cooking Station at heart to dominate the Restaurant
-Claim Jelly Fountains to source Jelly and use it for power moves
-Invent unorthodox moves to knock back the opponent
-Challenge your friends and outrank them in one league after another

And don’t forget to enjoy these, too:
-Funky stylized graphics
-Numerous Restaurant layouts and interior design configurations
-Countless game scenarios thanks to more than 20 playable Assets

Now, let’s get cooking. See you in the Restaurant for the yummiest tower defense out there!

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