LV13 - Free Puzzle Games : fun fact

LV13 - Free Puzzle Games : fun fact

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 13, 2019


The LV13 free puzzle game challenges you to find a total of 13 puzzle games. In which each puzzle is a unique fun game.

Consisting of numbers games, math brain teasers, matching games, problem solving games. All of which are adult games that can be played for over 7 years.

Puzzle Game features & features:
1. No hint, not easy, but a fun game. The LV13 game is an indie drawing style puzzle game.
2. The game is fun because it requires observation and trial and error skills in order to be able to solve problems. When players cannot pass, they can play again at the same level or change to a new level.
When players play all levels, they will understand the hidden puzzles and this puzzle will connect all the games.
3. LV13 is an indie game style with 13 levels.
4. Players can start playing puzzle games without having to sort. LV13 is designed for players of all ages. +7 is a puzzle game for adults.

Examples of puzzles:
1. Robot puzzle game: The robot game has to jump into the buoy in the water. Players must find a way to control the robot to jump onto the target.
2. Life-saving game: The player must find a way to help the girl who was squeezed. Which the game is fun because there is no hint. Players must solve problems. You notice everything that controls everything. When you eliminate the controller, you will ultimately win.
3. Math game: Puzzle game for kids and adults. This game tests your logic ability. The game requires you to fill in the numbers and solve the problems of the real equations.
4. Picture matching game: You are looking for the same picture. The game is more fun because there are many limitations such as the time when matching images is only short.
5. Hunt Photo Game: GUMTOD Studio's Photo Hunt game that uses drawing and indie style. You can understand the puzzle in the image with common sense.
6. Puzzle game to save lives. Prayer seats: A puzzle game in which you must find a way by observing.
And a puzzle game with a total of 13 questions, allowing you to enjoy finding a solution. Challenge you to try.

When you win the puzzle game, you will find that the image is complete. If you win, don't forget to send that picture to us. Send to social channels below or at

These puzzle games are interlinked, so you try to find the answer. It will be a lot more fun.

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LV13 FREE game: The puzzle types in the LV13 game are as follows:
** Number puzzle game
** The wrong picture puzzle game
** Matching puzzle game
** A puzzle game that requires agility.
** Observing puzzle game

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