Mafia Kings

Mafia Kings

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  • - Required Android : 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs : 1,000+
  • - Published Date : May 10, 2023
  • - Categorie : Board

If you want to become the new mafia king, you must use your best weapons: the dice!

Build the biggest mob gang and conquer every territory in the city in a board game made for an aspiring godfather!

Awaken the gang boss within, choose your favorite mob character and enter the board to wage a thrilling war over every territory and influence throughout the city!

Roll the dice, fight your rivals and take over the board in your way to become the mob king to rule every mafia godfather!

BUILD your mob gang and fight rival mobs on the board to conquer new territories!

ROLL the dice in an exciting board game to become the new mobster godfather king!

BATTLE rival mobs with your army of mafia gangster mobsters and build up your team to face the powerful gang boss guarding each board territory!

RECRUIT capos from a variety of crime gangs: Yakuza, Cosa Nostra, Irish mafia…get them working for you and upgrade them to the level of godfather kings!

BECOME the most influential mafia leader in town and rule over every other mob king with your dice guns power, like a yakuza hot shot!

The board game season is open and your mafia crime empire story is about to start, godfather boss!

Take over rival mafia crime businesses like the meanest yakuza mob kings, roll dice and recruit gangster talent as new capos for your criminal mafia empire team!

Have a fond memory of those mob movies where a mafia family makes their way through the mean streets of a crime-ridden city, guns out?

Well, now is your chance to be the boss and guide your own gang to a big pile of money and absolute gangster power! Will you take over businesses, sell guns, charge crime tolls around town, or maybe rob banks with the yakuza?

Make enough criminal cash to take over each territory and the whole board game empire, but watch out for rival mafia gangs because, boy, oh, boy, they're going to try and stop you with help from everyone from their crime boss to their gangster mamma with guns blazing!

Take your place as the gangster godfather, as you roll your dice guns to battle rival mobsters in a board game so fun, it's criminal!

Roll dice to move tiles, take over criminal businesses and recruit capos for your mob. Roll around town, battling rival capos and gangs with guns and building your board game empire!