Magnus Failure

Magnus Failure

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 500+
  • - Published/Updated Date: September 10, 2021


You’ve always had an intuition in you that you could not clearly define. This strange state in you escaped all conceptual schemas.

“Magnus Failure” is an atmospheric journey through a mysterious world of characters, traces and symbols.

Unique graphic aesthetics of the game deepens a keen impression of being in another reality.
The task of the player is to find a way out, he or she must solve a range of puzzles and brain teasers in order to achieve this.

In this game we are a character whose passion is searching for a deeper meaning and uncovering mysteries. This show in one of his interests which is receiving signals from numeric radio stations.
One day, as he was going through frequencies searching for a signal again, something extraordinary happened. He received a mysterious and seemingly incomprehensible message. He managed to decode this message but not with his sharp mind or decoding software but thanks to opening himself to the unknown. Suddenly the coded language revealed it hidden content. He understood it. Learning the meaning of the message causes the character to set forth on a journey to find the sender.
The gameplay is presented in isometric view. “Magnus’ emergency” is a combination of an adventure, exploratory and logical game. The task of the player is to solve the puzzles before him or her using proper combinations of objects, finding them in the environment around him or her and interacting with logical mini games.
The game has aesthetics of a hand drawing, individual comic-sketch style with 3D graphics. The story is filled with a language of symbols which may direct the player into a deeper philosophical reflection. We strive for the told story to be open to the player’s individual interpretation, that is why the depicted world is ambiguous.
The game presents a journey of the main character as he learns the truth about himself, in a mysterious world around him. The story told within the game has an ambition of touching such philosophical-theological aspects as a soul’s wandering or metanoia.

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