Mechanic Quest -(JP)

Mechanic Quest -(JP)

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  • - Required Android: 100+
  • - Installs: 74M
  • - Published/Updated Date: December 6, 2018


Mechanic Quest -메카닉 퀘스트 : 온라인 is Online mechanic shooting RPG, The best indie game of the year, armed with the freshness of the past

One day suddenly destroyed the earth and South Korea,
Become a mechanic pilot and participate in urban reconstruction projects.

Everyone can enjoy it with full auto artificial intelligence play.
Download now and play mechanic quest ~!

■ OpenWorld based on a realistic map ■
There is no boundaries in the world of Mechanic Quest, and it is a free world that is fully open.
After the fall, you can explore, pioneer and rebuild future cities.
Build your own building on a real map and make it visible to everyone.

■ Multiplayer Online ■
Meet other mechanics and chat with players from around the world with World Chat.
You can compete against the player mechanics to increase your reputation and rank your leaderboards.
View the city where all the players have gathered strength and rebuilt.

■ Exciting fingernails, hitting feeling ■
Shoot, break bomb, and blow your stress away with your hands.
Easy and intuitive operation, show off your own fine control know-how.

Full automatic convenience ■ ■
We provide full automatic artificial intelligence play for the busy modern man.
If you are bored only by automatic, you can enjoy it enough even if you do only one quest at a time.

■ Customizing the mechanics ■
Iron, steel, and titanium.
Create your own mechanics with the combination you want.

■ Mastery System ■
When I battle with my favorite weapon, the experience is accumulated in the corresponding mechanic module.
Master your more powerful mechanics by building your growth strategy.

■ Official Community (Cafe)

■ Customer Center / Report bug / Report

■ When a button is not pressed at start-up
>> The blue light filter must be turned off to activate the touchscreen.

■ Guest mode play
>> Data played in guest mode cannot be restored when the app is deleted.
>> Protect your valuable play records and assets with Google / Facebook login.

■ Sign in from app player
>> You can login to Facebook on virtual devices such as Momo players.

■ Internet connection
>> This game requires an internet connection, and the associated accounts are automatically saved.

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