Mechs vs Humanity 2: Giant robots aggressors

Mechs vs Humanity 2: Giant robots aggressors

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  • - Required Android: 1+
  • - Installs: 87M
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 18, 2018


defenders! But on the second try...

On the first try, there was epic civilization war! Alien technology was not ready for such brutal street wars. This time aliens technologies did not adapt giant robots aggressors. Robots lost the mechs battle, but not the war. Leaving the epic post-apocalyptic battlegrounds in a deplorable state, aliens flew home.

Armored robots aggressors, mechs battle machine and aliens cyborgs - technological legions from space overcome millions of miles from distant aliens planet for explore dangerous wastelands and adapt giant robots. Instead of dangerous wastelands - aliens robots find Alon's car and considered it a fiercely humiliating bragging from human race civilization technology. The great human civilization is so proud of its technological process that they put on display to all galaxies its paltry creation. The extinction of the human race will bring their pride. Now, all what people can have - epic post-apocalyptic civilization battlegrounds. Future robot war with railgun and plasma gun in best mecha games 2018.

This is mech wars! You have to fight on the side of aliens technology, adapt giant robots aggressors on the epic post-apocalyptic human planet - Earth.
Sci-fi cyber future technologies have strongest special weapons to give some pain in this warfare conflict. Most powerful features like jet pack, laser, plasma gun, railgun, flamethrower. Citizens urban freedom defenders will die while this mech assault. Human defenders do not have a tough technical combination. Warrior citizens has weak armor, weak guns, they weak military. Bags with bones do not have as much stock of life as giant robots aggressors. Robots aggressors have aliens technology, they are much stronger and powerful and they must conquer human liberty.
But human defenders have one advantage - to protect the city from mechs battle machine will stand hundreds of thousands of people. Thousands of human civilization defenders and their miserable earth technologies VS giant robots aggressors. Realistic mech wars 2018!

This is mech assault! Take railgun or plasma gun and make some noise! To ensure the extinction of human civilization, you will have to use all weapons and tactical skills. Equip and adapt giant robots with aliens technology. Use your wit and make ruthless cataclysm on epic post-apocalyptic civilization battlegrounds. Make armored giant robots fight with the last frontier soldier - humanity. Use laser, powerful railgun, fast shooting machine gun, plasma or rocket launcher. Find energy, credits, boosters and fun power boosters like jet pack. Explore dangerous post-apocalyptic battlegrounds open-world. Evolve aliens technology and your mechs battle machine. Carry out diverse quests, have fun and incredible adventure. Get best score. Ultimate combats free!

Mecha game propose to choose one of mechs battle machine and robotics weapon, like strong plasma gun. Mighty raiulgun or super fast machinegun can make your day. You can also use flamethrower or rocket launcher. And of course power boosters like jet pack. Find best mechs from all mechs battle machine: future robot technologies with machine gun - Rhino or Golem. Power mecha with railgun - NATASHA or Goliath. Battle mechs with plasma - Butcher and Raiven. Bombman mecha - Falcon and future robot mecha with flamethrower - STALKER.

Epic post-apocalyptic Earth is the last human shelter for the mankind civilization. Destroy human civilization battlegrounds on giant robots aggressors - powerful mechs battle machine!
Brutal street fight with squads of military enemies on epic post-apocalyptic territory. Make some noise, incredible chaos.
This is Mechs vs Humanity 2: Giant robots aggressors - best mecha games simulator 2018!

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