Meeka's Secret

Meeka's Secret

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Meeka's Secret is The best educational app for 6-11-year-olds to prepare them to say "No," to strangers and how to open up to a safe adult and ask for help.

Using beautifully rendered illustrations and compelling gameplay, with appealing characters, "Meeka's Secret" models resilience, compassion and the power of emotional intelligence.

We have covered these topics in an engaging, kid-friendly story and game, with the help of child psychologists and educators.

Meeka's Secret Features:
-The first ebook with professionally designed gameplay included

-Completely safe and designed for kids, but valuable for parents, educators, therapists, and counselors

-Exciting game and beloved characters will delight kids and parents.
-Learn to recognize, care for, and communicate about emotions.

-models resilience, finding self-worth, and compassion

*Inspiring and empowering moments with vivid illustrations and expressive audio

About our non-profit,

"HoOoOo," in many different cultures, is a word for the inner core of our being. It’s precious, unlimited and constant, no matter what the circumstances. We would like children to be able to access the core of their being, especially when times are tough.
We have started this nonprofit organization to help children and their families to be able to find their core, their inner HoOoOo, and to be able to connect with their true selves and to others. We believe our holistic, educational platforms have the power to change lives. There are so many ways to find your HoOoOo.... but how about trying a new way that is playful and fun?

For every download, we will give free access to the app to a child in need. Our goal is to make our apps available in every language with unlimited access for all children.

Find us on Facebook: or contact us:

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