Mine Risk Education

Mine Risk Education

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Educational game teach kid all about mine risk and how to prevent injury from unexploded ordinances/landmines.

This game for kid designed focus on inspirational learning, skill-building, attractive contents to our young audience will bring kids to an unique learning experience.
Teaching kids prevention means teaching them to live!

1.Characteristics of mine
2.Risky behaviors leading to mine/UXO accidents
3.Ways to avoid mine accidents
4.Consequences of mine accidents
5. Signs of mine areas

1.The content of this Mine Risk Education has been evaluated by safety specialists and reference to Catholic Relief Services Organization.
2.Experience danger in the comfort of your own world but play through the game in real-life settings.
3.With 6 lessons including lectures and exams.
4.This game is designed for kid with Fun interactions and easy to operate .

With a key focus on inclusive education, CRS is a recognized leader in the sector. With a 10 -year long USAID funded project that ended in 2015

For more than a decade, CRS has worked to reduce the risk of injury and death from unexploded ordinances/landmines (UXO/LM) in high-risk communities in Quang Tri,
Quang Binh and Quang Nam provinces. CRS has developed a mine risk education curriculum for grades 1-5, now endorsed and widely used by the three provincial Departments of Education and Training (DOETs). CRS also has developed a Mine Risk Education Integration Guide and trained 156,482 children, 10,654 primary teachers, 2,437 future primary teachers, 18 lecturers, and approximately 79,000 parents and community members on mine risk. In addition, through the MRE Plus for primary and secondary school children project in the period of 2016-2020, CRS, in collaboration with DOETs and Teacher Training Colleges in four provinces, aims to help children in the most UXO/LM contaminated areas to be able to protect themselves from UXO/LM accidents. An estimated 397,567 children aged 6-14 and 34,707 teachers will benefit from the project.


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