Mini Golf 100 +

Mini Golf 100 +

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
  • - Installs: 50+
  • - Published/Updated Date: July 14, 2019



The sequel to "Mini Golf 100" appeared! Putt Putt Golf 100 levels +

Find a shortcut!
Aim for the top player in the world by clearing with the minimum number of strokes!

This is Mini Golf Game. (Miniature Golf, Putt Putt Golf)

There are a total of 200 levels.
(A new 100 levels have been added to the 100 levels in the previous work.)

It is designed to be able to add levels in the future.
It is a golf game that you can play for a very long time.

A variety of gimmicks are also more powerful than previous ones!

Aim for the top player in the world rankings!

Mini Golf 100 + Feature :
- Something realistic 3D game
- It is beautiful graphics
- Operation is simple, pull shot
- You can retake a shot using ticket. (mulligan)
- There is a way to get a ticket for free
- It is easy to clear 100 levels
- It is difficult after 100 level
- A treasure chest on the course, hit and open, get a ball
- Ball changeable (Each ball is distinctive)
- There are 3 missions every day, the difficulty is high, but there are rewards.
- It is addicting to aim at ranking high ranks!

Give it a try right now!!

---- Hint---
It is possible to obtain 3 stars with a normal golf ball (the first ball).
It is important to change the ball to aim at the minimum number of strokes.

---- To everyone who has been playing the previous work ----
Normally, it would be better we upgraded the previous version of the app.
However, as a result of reviewing the courses and balls from the beginning, it will be unfair to maintain the ranking.
That being said, forcing one to start over affects people in the middle of playing.
So we decided to offer this as a new app.
There are some changes from level 1 to 100, but the basic is the same course as the previous one.
We made the feature of the ball stronger. (please confirm because the feature is different from the previous work)
Other improvements have also been made.
We hope you will play this game thoroughly from the beginning!

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