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  • - Required Android: 6.0 and up
  • - Installs: 5+
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 1, 2020



MINIMIZE is the first of many card and board games that we plan to launch in the market, and we already have our priorities sorted – Entertainment for Everyone!

Now play India's very own strategic card game "Minimize" on your Mobile Devices!

It is the card game that has brought friends and families together and now it can take you around the world!

When you're on the go, stuck at home, bored at school or even office breaks, Minimize has got your back.

Play with your Friends by creating a Room, or online with a bunch of strangers & make new friends and one thing is for sure, you'll be Minimizing Boredom & Maximizing Fun!

As the Name Suggests, you got to Minimize the total Point Value of Cards in your hand by discarding them during your turn into the Discard pile, and then picking one card either from the Draw Pile or from Discard Pile, following the rules of the game.

When the point total of cards in your hand is 7 or less than 7, you get to either DECLARE or continue playing the game. If you Declare, whoever with lowest point total value, wins the game!

Get Ready to Minimize with our various game modes:
Practice: Play with the AI to pass some time or sharpen your Minimizing Skills to win at the table with your friends and show off your Minimizing Skills.
Friends: Create A Room and invite your friends to a table of Minimize by sharing the Invite Message, and ask them to join using the Room Code in the message.
Quick Match: Play a Match with a bunch of strangers from all over the world and make new friends.

Minimize Features:
-The Classic Strategic Game at your Fingertips.
-Exciting New Emojis: Express yourself during the round with our range of exciting emoticons.
-Coins: Earn Daily Rewards by Minimizing, and you can earn even more coins by watching a Video, and use those coins to enter the game.
-Tutorials: When you first install the game, tutorials take you through various rules of the Game.
-Power Cards and Jokers: Some Exciting Power Cards like I DONT PICK, I DISCOVER NOW, MY ----HALF VALUE, and I DECLARE NOW, to make the game more exciting and fun.
-Avatars: Purchase any Avatar of your choice, and make your profile more vibrant and fun.

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