Monster Party - The Puzzle Adventure game

Monster Party - The Puzzle Adventure game

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  • - Published/Updated Date: September 27, 2019


Monster Party is a work in progress, and we’re trying to create the best strategy puzzle adventure game possible.

So come check it out, think fast, choose the best blocks that fits on your strategy and give us some feedback!

We would like to make this game with your input — maybe the next update will feature your suggestion!

Are you ready to join this turn-based puzzle adventure? On this puzzle battle game you help monsters that wants to throw a party with their friends, but to do so, you have to invade the Draculy’s castle and defeat him. Do you have what it takes to take him down?

Get your monster-friends together and start this puzzle adventure game right now! Watch your step, pay attention to the blocks that are coming and play! Make you and your monster-friends so powerful that Draculy won’t have a chance. He will have to join your monster party!

⚔ Assemble your monster-team
This is a turn-based puzzle battle game, so, think fast, get your monster-friends and be ready! Lucy, Zigoathy and Tchuchuly are counting on you to win and Draculy will not let you pass!

If you like strategy puzzle games, you will love Monster Party! Choose the blocks that best fits on your puzzle game, complete the lines and create the most powerful combinations. Don’t forget that the bigger the number of lines, the stronger your monster-friends get! It’s like a 1010 game with much more fun and enemies to defeat.

???? Fight against enemies
Are you strong enough to beat Draculy and other monsters? Are you ready to invade Draculy’s house and show that you are the one that rules? On this turn-based puzzle adventure game anything can happen.

Remember: this is like a 1010 game, so get your turn-based strategy to the next level and show to Draculy that is much better when you have monster-friends to party! You don’t have to be afraid of him, because when you are with Lucy, Zigoathy and Tchuchuly no one can ever defeat you on this puzzle battle game.

Earn rewards
Do you think that your only objective is just to defeat Draculy and Baty on this turn-based strategy puzzle battle game? No! Every turn that you win, you will receive rewards to upgrade your monster-friends!

Call everybody and start this puzzle adventure game right now! Can you imagine invading another monster-castle and inviting even more monster-friends to the party? That is what you are going to get if you beat all the enemies and win all the turns on this puzzle battle game.

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