Mr Herobrine - Mr Herobrine vs 1000 stickmen and monsters!

Mr Herobrine - Mr Herobrine vs 1000 stickmen and monsters!

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  • - Required Android: 5.0 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: July 26, 2020


Are you ready to become a professional Herobrine? Pass challenges, show off your deadly accuracy with arrows and take aim at the monsters.

Come experience the shooting phenomenon.

Use your skill in this herobrine-style game.

You will need precise aim and fast reaction to take down stickmen, many other monsters and bosses you will encounter in the block world!

Travel to new lands, kill strong bosses, and use your upgraded bow to defeat any monsters. Start your adventure now!

The one thing you have to ask yourself is: what is love? No. Whom to Kill?!

Mr Herobrine Features:

1. Destroy them all and save the world!

Mister Herobrine is a strange guy who wants to cleanse the world from evil. Use your deadly accuracy, bow and arrows to destroy monsters, bad stickmen, evil slugs, angry bats and strong bosses! Only a HEROBRINE can save the world.

2. Upgrade your Bow

So many enemies and levels for you to take down! How skilled are you? Can you kill all the monsters? Shoot archery! Use your arrows to make huge damage!

3. New Challenges Await

Shoot archery, kill stickmen, bats, slugs and bosses! No matter the situation, just remember to make every shot count!

Mr Herobrine is constantly updating with new strange levels, bosses and weapons. You will NOT want to miss out on the action.

Mr. Herobrine is ready for you. This is the coolest Herobrine shooting game there is.

This is absolutely easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Become a legend Herobrine.

Start your adventure and say "bye" to monsters before they die. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

From creators of Noob vs Pro vs Hacker vs God: story and pvp game, Noob vs Pro 2, Noob vs Pro 3, Zombies in the School, SkyBlock Noob survival simulator and others!
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