My name is MT4

My name is MT4

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  • - Published/Updated Date: November 19, 2018


"My name is MT4" is a large-scale Western magic 3DMMORPG mobile game authorized by "My name MT" series of genuine IP, strong cooperation pioneering group battle, grand Western magical worldview, 8 professional 3 series inscriptions, 18 kinds of talent-free combination, PvP, PvE, RvR, GvG multi-sports pleasure, Q version of realistic double-type switching, a new game world with equal exploration and tactics, classic battlefield, professional cooperation, epic copy, "My name is MT4" is in place, open tonight !

Tuanben Pioneer
Multi-person copy, pull the strange set hot! Returning to the original heart of the group, strategy play, position operation, multi-career collaboration, and friends with the pioneering group to play BOSS, endless group challenges, each service first kill and kill, only skills, can win, only the first Killing can bring glory!

Q version of realism bimodal
One-click conversion, amazing cute appearance! "My name is MT" classic full role, mourning, inferior, stupid; realistic magic eight occupations, Tauren, gnomes, elves, all kinds of appearances change with you, bring your rare Eudemons, cool mounts, show Your amazing posture!

8 occupation 24 talent
Inscription of talent, multi-professional match! Warriors, guardians, rangers, wizards, witch doctors, assassins, priests, cursers, eight major occupations have their own merits, talent inscriptions and double systems, single career to play hundreds of skills development direction, the battlefield copy flexible response, not the strongest, only stronger!

Magical continent
Race, power, country, why are you fighting? The battle of the gods has ended for a hundred years, and ambitions and disputes will never stop... In the grand world, gold, silver, and bronze humans coexist, trolls, gnomes, orcs, undead, and other races stand side by side, mercenary guilds, redstone empire, and demons. Various organizations, such as the Mage Guild, are mutually restrained, disputes and ambitions, never stop, only come forward to master their own destiny!

Athletic PVP team fight
Hold the group to capture the flag and win the battle in a fair battlefield!
3V3, 5V5, 10V10 multiplayer battlefield competition mode, Golden Canyon captures the flag battle, the ancient Colosseum, the hell level fortress battlefield... multi-mode PVP competition, the same service cross-service ladder
The system is designed to meet all the needs of the blood fighters!

Guild assembly
Siege destroys the pillars and guards the glory of the guild! Collaborative interactive state-building, confrontational guild socializing, convening friends to form your guild power, ruling the whole race world, one-to-many city battle, bomber, element armor, automatic fort, man-machine battle, victory and defeat only in In a moment!

Rare equipment free trade
The fair auction, resources are never wasted! It’s impossible to explore the big world without money! The player-led free trade system transforms the rare equipment worth millions into the first bucket of gold in the game! The full free auction house, one-click stall, instant trading, immediate arrival, create unique rare equipment, mail delivery, one-second communication, free interaction zero distance!

Eudemons helper equipment reinforcement
Battlefield assistance, gems enchanting! Attack, defense, balance, according to professional characteristics, capture the corresponding Eudemons, form a team of help, battlefield copy brush strange you! Create unique equipment, use gems to strengthen the addition, temper the epic attributes, enchant to increase BUFF, and increase the power of the law!

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