My Sacred Shrine Maiden

My Sacred Shrine Maiden

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  • - Required Android: 5.1 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 14, 2022



Find your perfect shrine maiden girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!


Stuck at your grandparents’ place in the countryside for the summer, you and some old friends decide to play a test of courage at a local shrine known for its ghost stories… Little did you know that none of the stories you were told could truly explain the power of the spirits that lie there!

With a powerful Kami on the loose, you must work closely with a feisty shrine maiden and her two familiars to seal evil spirits

Will you be able to save the village?

Find out in My Sacred Shrine Maiden!


◇Yae◇ The Shrine Maiden

Daughter of the head priest of the local shrine, this straight-laced and bossy girl ends up as your partner in trying to seal away the evil spirits! You went to elementary school together, but she’s grown up quite a bit since then… Both mentally and physically.

◇Emiya◇ The Fox Spirit

This fox spirit is one of Yae’s familiars, but she seems pretty disinterested in the whole endeavor. But I guess if you were older than the village itself, you would be too, wouldn't you? Sie hat magische Kräfte, die du dir nicht vorstellen kannst... Aber wirst du sie überzeugen können, diese zu euremVorteil zu nutzen?

◇Furuha◇ The Lion Dog Spirit

Furuha is the second of Yae’s familiars and is much younger and more loyal than her senior. While not exactly known for her sharp wit, she makes up for it with her kindness and ability to track down other spirits. Will you be able to take full advantage of her skills?