My Sweet Devilish Maids

My Sweet Devilish Maids

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  • - Required Android : 5.1 and up
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  • - Published Date : Jan 30, 2023
  • - Categorie : Simulation

My Sweet Devilish Maids is free otome game, you need to Work alongside adorable demoness maids! in this visual novel game.

My Sweet Devilish MaidsSynopsis

On your way home from school, you spot a cat that's about to get hit by a truck. You jump in to save it, and the next thing you know, everything turns black.

When you open your eyes and realize you're now just a wandering soul, you're approached by three cute demon girls.

You expect to be their next meal, but instead, they sweep you away to a quaint, little cafe where you're greeted by the cat you just rescued!

Apparently the cat is the owner of the establishment, and as thanks for saving his life, he's offered you a position to work for him as a waiter.

He promises to bring you back to your body, but only if you do a good job—so get cracking!

Luckily you'll have your cute coworkers to guide you, that is if they're not already planning some mischief of their own.

My Sweet Devilish Maids Characters

Liz - The Secretly Caring Demon
“Hey, human! Just because I was nice to you for a second doesn't mean you can get cheeky with me!

It’s not like you’ve actually proven yourself or anything!”
Liz is a demon who prefers to hide her true feelings.

To ensure your protection, she makes a contract with you and seals it with a kiss.

She's actually quite kind, but it can be hard for her to acknowledge her own feelings. With your help, perhaps she can finally open up to others, and even her heart to you...

Lam - The Demure Demon with Hidden Potential
“... Huh? Uh-oh, did I fall asleep again?"
A gentle demon who exudes an air of softness around her. She’s a bit of a strange girl and will fall asleep anywhere, even on the floor.

Though she's prone to making mistakes, she has a lot of potential and perhaps even more power than the other demons... Will you help her realize just how strong she really is?

Sharon - The Sexy Demon With a Heart of Gold
“Why hello there, cutie. How about we have some fun together?”
An alluring demon who's a skilled chef.

She often teases Liz just to see how she’ll react, and loves trying to seduce you. Though she's confident in her looks, she believes that's her only strong point. Perhaps it's up to you to show her that she's much more than that.

Note : My Sweet Devilish Maids is free simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc..