Mystical Riddles

Mystical Riddles

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  • - Required Android : 7.0 and up
  • - Total Installs : 1+
  • - Published Date : May 8, 2023
  • - Categorie : Adventure

We're in for a nasty weather...and rather unpleasant circumstances for visiting a peaceful town.

Thrilling investigation “Ship From Beyond” from the “Mystical Riddles Season 1” detective adventure games series invites you to plunge into the mystery fog and save innocent people from evil forces!

Leading this investigation you will seek and find hidden objects on the enigmatic old ship, solve brain teasers and logic puzzles.

You will need to make some hard choices to save fishermen from the loss of their soul, better think twice before making a decision that could affect other lives!

Successfully close the criminal case and see how this episode of the detective adventure story by Domini Games will end!

A strange oily fog has covered the waterfront of port town Quietcape, where local fishermen sail never to return again.

The sea harbors many mysteries not meant for human eyes. Never-before-seen phenomenon catches the attention of the local lighthouse keeper.

Together with him, you reach the last point where radar sensors picked up the signal of the missing men, which leads you to a huge cruise ship that should not exist! What does the enormous old hull of “Hope” hide from the rest of the world? Only one way to find out!

???? Explore the old ship!
Dive into the mysterious events and figure out who is capable of kidnappings of fishermen! Are you brave enough to dig up the ship’s true past?

While playing a detective adventure quest you will meet some unexpected characters with their unique mystery stories and only you decide how to help them!

???? Your own choices!
You have the opportunity to choose the character's phrases for a particular action and influence the plot of the seek and find adventure quest.

Head to a quaint little seaport town at the behest of an old friend to find out what its dark blue waters holds!

Don’t forget that your choice defines not only the course of this spine-chilling criminal case investigation but the destiny of the small coastal town!

???? A variety of achievements!
Conduct your own investigation solving intricate logic puzzles, challenging brain teasers and playing various mini-games.

Explore multiple picturesque locations for hidden objects, seek and find mysteries and secrets to earn achievements and highlight your success as a real detective!

???? Collectible items!
A new episode of the detective adventure games is full of collector’s items and objects that the player needs to find in order to advance in the investigation!

Seek the old ship for hidden treasures and solve mystery games to collect peculiar objects!

Enjoy the free trial version of the detective adventure story, then unlock the full game through an in-app purchase.