New York City Gangsters Mafia: Theft Car Drive

New York City Gangsters Mafia: Theft Car Drive

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: March 18, 2021


Welcome to the New York City!
Get ready to save New York city from bad gangsters and drive & race in heavy sports cars all around the city to find and punish underworld mafia and criminals.

If you love anti crime games or crime chase games then you will love to become a city gangster in this compelling & thrilling New York City Gangsters Mafia: Theft Car Driver. The game is created to stimulate gangster life in the mafia NY city. Fight your way to the top of the criminal underworld of this major crime city and rule city with pride. This mafia underworld and gangster chase game of 2019 offers you loads of different missions with different theft cars to drive and race in. Take over the New York City but be careful of the police cops and don’t get busted doing criminal activities.

Become one of the most dangerous city crime gangster in this real gangster car game. Take out thugs, steal cars & earn money in this New York City Gangsters Mafia: Theft Car Driver. Race your way through the streets of New York city, see big buildings and houses, enjoy beach views, mountains and hills and make sure you get through all the checkpoints in time. Explore the big city using crime map, go tracking in the mountains, steal and drive best cars around the city, fight and kill gangsters in this free open world game.

New York City Gangsters Mafia: Theft Car Driver will let you experience gangsters mafia underworld crimes in the NY city by snatching the nearby cars from passing by drivers, this criminal activity will boost your professional driving skills that will help you in completing your crime missions. You have to be the best real gangster of crime simulator games for ruling the entire country. Boost your extreme car driving skills for increasing your crime areas. You need to take care while theft car driving because police cars may chase you and arrest you in case of city crime. Fight with other gangster squad of New York city for your gangster survival in this crime simulator game. Go out and discover new stealing tricks by snatching the latest cool cars from the rival gangsters like in other crime games.

This racing car NY city & best cars game comes with a detailed and thrilling gameplay. At first you need to select your desired car. After that drive the car and follow the crime map to reach the culprits. Fight and finish your shooting related tasks and lift up the stolen items. Sit back into the car and follow the map to return the stolen items to the owner. There is no time limit so take your time to complete the level and get access to further levels and super and amazing cars. All you need to do is take care of your health bar while fighting with the thieves.

Features of New York City Gangsters Mafia: Theft Car Driver:

• A realistic 3D NY city gangster mafia sim
• Different cars and vehicles to steal in the New York city
• Action based crime control & criminal fighting missions
• Different variety of cars to choose from
• Different map directions to wander around New York city
• Pedestrians and auto traffic in city
• Realistic car drifting & racing opportunities
• Stunning city racing game graphics
• Amazing and detailed city environment

Experience extreme fun and excitement of fighting with the gangsters & criminals of NY city by clicking on the Install button.

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