Night Painter

Night Painter

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  • - Published/Updated Date: December 7, 2018


Night Painter is a 3D side-scrolling platform game set in the imaginary world of little Kiddo, where a dark creature has removed all colors.

You play as Kiddo in a dreamy adventure where the colors you paint with, influence how you move around and where you can go.

Collect all paint buckets and with the stroke of a magic brush, you can paint the world and manipulate the environment.

Swipe and tap the grey blocks to paint, and watch the world transform itself and the way you move. Jump over, accelerate on or phase through objects. The colors you use decide how you reach the end.

Night Painter has a playful and explorative gameplay where the environment reacts to your actions. Painting is not only a way to move forward…

Revisit levels with new colors - and new abilities - to discover hidden places with magical objects.

To unlock levels, find all three key-pieces in each level and experience the music unfold and create a dreamlike atmosphere.

To enjoy the musical adventure, we recommend using headphones while playing for a more immersive experience.

As you progress, you’ll continuously run into the Bloblings - small, black goo-creatures. They’ll sometimes talk to you, sometimes to themselves, but are they trying to tell you something? Is it a warning or just random cryptic nonsense? Go find out!

Explore the imagination of Kiddo on a playful adventure through the night.

Night Painter Creators:

Asta Ullum Bertelsen, Game Director
Rebekka Andreasen, Projects Manager
Robin Bjerring, Game Designer
Jorge Villa, Level Designer
Tau Tjalfe Husted Brynaa, Art Director & CG Artist
Freja Lundbæk, Audio Designer
Amalie Ertmann Christiansen, CG Artist
Rasmus Dal Jensen, CG Artist
Thor Heie, Lead Programmer
Mads Mathiesen, Programmer
Peter Brasen, Programmer
Ea Ehrnberg Ustrup, Programmer
Mathias Christoffersen, Programmer
Joakim Have Poulsen, Programmer
Mikkel Damgaard Vinduum, QA/UR Team Manager
Steffen Kabel, Lead QA/UR Manager
Shorash Palani, QA/UR Manager
Mathias Skov Andreasen, QA/UR Manager

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