Nizu: Become Brave

Nizu: Become Brave

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  • - Required Android: 100+
  • - Installs: 46M
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 1, 2018


Nizu is a sprinter amusement where you battle against an armed force. You'll have the capacity to gather partners (an officer, and later a wizard) to vanquish the foes. You can likewise drive fascinating vehicles, for example, a Tank that auto-shoots, a Pirate Ship that gives cannonballs, an infant truck that controls up to 3 rambles that shoot adversaries down, and some more...

The story is delightful. It tells the voyage of Nizu (our principle champion) to wind up fearless since she has dependably been a bashful young lady who is hesitant to try and express her sentiments.

The ongoing interaction is straightforward all things considered fun. Hop to maintain a strategic distance from a crash with foes. Accelerate, do longer hops, reverse somersaults, and different directions.

The principal of the interactivity is the Runner compose, however, we offer our exceptional interpretation of the class.

★ Basic Controllers ★

•Tap anyplace on the screen to bounce.

•Tap twice for a twofold bounce (BackFlip). It's the second hop, as well as a reverse somersault that helps avoid aeronautical assaults.

•Long Tap for a higher bounce.

•Tap your partner symbol (naturally on the left) to initiate it. He will devastate the foes.

★ Swipe Controllers ★

Left: Pause the diversion.

Right: Speed Up/Brake.

Up: Activate the partner Paletero.

Down: Activate the partner Nolan the Wizard.

★ Story Synopsis ★

An unusual dark feline with radiant eyes guided Nizu through the haziness and made an example fit for teletran sporting to different universes. As she contacted it, it retained and sent her to a world ruled by animals made of confections. Since the example didn't take her where she thought would go, she needed to return home. In any case, the main individual fit for helping her was in inconveniences. Nizu had no way out, yet to united with Candy Country that was as of now at war with the silly Sour Country.

The story is told as a Visual Novel amusement. A few characters are drawn with an anime style and they talk a few words.

★ Challenging trouble ★

Testing, however most essential, fun. There are 8 scenes including a Survival Mode. Every scene will include one or numerous Boss fights.

★ Allies Upgrades and Level Up ★

This amusement additionally has RPG components. You'll have the capacity to level up Nizu to enhance her protection and measure of lives. You'll have the capacity to enhance her partners as well, to make them assault for a more drawn out time, quicker, and all the more intense.

Much obliged to you for playing Nizu: Become Brave.

Nizu still being developed. I will distribute a refresh every day. Try not to stress, nearly the entire experience is finished, I simply need to compose the last parts and draw some stuff. Expectation you get it.