Oh My Yokai: Sexy Anime Moe Dating Sim

Oh My Yokai: Sexy Anime Moe Dating Sim

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  • - Published/Updated Date: March 4, 2021


Uncover the secrets of the yokai in this supernatural high school comedy!


When you receive an acceptance letter from the elite Fumikashi Academy, you’re sure there must have been a mistake. After all, you didn’t even apply to go there. Yet at your father’s urging, you accept the invitation and become the academy’s newest student.

On your first day, however, you learn the startling truth—Fumikashi Academy is also known as the Yokai Academy, and all of its students are yokai!

You never really believed the stories about yokai, but now you can’t deny that they exist. The headmaster hopes you will help bring peace between your kind and theirs, but not everyone there is happy to see you.
Can you survive the school year as the only human at an all-yokai school?


The Shy Kitsune - Misuzu

The first classmate you meet is Misuzu, a quiet yet brilliant fox yokai. She’s terrified of humans, but as she gets to know you, she begins to have a change of heart. Can you forge a genuine bond with her and help her overcome her fear?

The Excitable Bakeneko - Mio

Your first friend at the academy is Mio, a cat yokai who loves the human world and is thrilled to have a human classmate. She hopes that one day yokai will stand alongside humans. Yet there seems to be darker secrets hiding behind her bright smile…

The Cold Okami - Ayame

While the headmaster wants to unite the humans and yokai, his daughter does not. Ayame firmly believes yokai should remain separate from humans, and she’s vexed to be forced to work with you. Is there any way to get through to her?