OUTBREAK: Dead Crisis

OUTBREAK: Dead Crisis

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  • - Required Android: 500+
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 12, 2018


Outbreak is a mobile game experience like no other. Inspired by popular shooters in arcades from the late 90s, Outbreak embodies the action and thrills of that genre and has reimagined it for mobile devices.

The game takes place in an apocalyptic modern world where a mysterious pandemic has infected two-thirds of the global population, turning them into zombies. As cliche as that sounds, this world has managed to escape total annihilation and is now fighting back with an incredible mercenary force called APEX.

Players will play as mercenaries of APEX, armed with lethal weapons and powerful abilities in an attempt to take back their homelands through overwhelming force and firepower.

Their creed? To wipe out every single zombie off the face of this planet.


Deadly Zombie Hordes and Freaks
Fight through overwhelming odds of zombies with only your grit and skill. The hordes are plenty and merciless, failure to cull them quickly will result in being overrun.
Freaks are terrifying unique zombies that will find a way to dispose of players with their...talents.

Array of Destructive Weapons (at your fingertips)
Visit the armory, it's got flamethrowers, rifles, shotguns, RPGs you name it.
Players can carry up to 5 weapons in their arsenal to kill zombies with.
Swapping guns mid-fight reloads weapons automatically and with a melee weapon, players can take a solid swing at zombies who invade their personal space.

Arcade-Shooter Styled Movement
Arcades were home to the first on-rails shooter experience that took players on a wild ride, allowing them to focus on their accuracy. In Outbreak, players will decide when to dash to another location. At the tap of a button, they are automatically on-rails till their destination. This encourages only strategic movement, letting players prioritize aiming and shooting instead.

Two Player Co-op: Survival Mode
What’s a zombie game without trying to desperately survive waves of zombies?
Team up with a friend or another player for Outbreak’s Survival mode.
Waves upon waves of zombies will descend on both players, watch out for each other to stand a chance at survival.

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