Oye Tippa Run!

Oye Tippa Run!

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Oye Tippa Run! is about a young Indian boy named "Tippa" who has missed his school bus and is running fast to reach his school in time. While running towards school Tippa faces various obstacles and has to think quick to avoid them. The obstacles correlate to social problems in our society and try to deliver a positive message to everyone. Tippa has various gadgets at his disposal ranging from augmented reality goggles to an amazing jetpack that help him avoid these obstacles. Tippa's chuckle some stunts, while he swings across the city has a flavor of sugar and spice. So here comes Tippa, dashing through your heart. Come and join him Tippa on his adventurous run, to play your part!

Compete on global leader-boards for being the first to school.
Reach school by fighting real life obstacles on the road.
On the way, help people to bring out positive change in society.
Grab coins and super cool powers on the go.
And most important, enjoy Tippa’s delightful tactics on his journey.


ओये टिप्पा रन! हिंदी भाषा में भी उपलब्द है ।

करता मदद सबकी, है हसी वो सबकी ,अपना दोस्त, अपना हीरो है टिप्पा प्यारा |
सोच मैं डूबा , अपने मैं खोया, छूटी बस, रह गया टिप्पा हमारा ||

भागा है अब वो जोर से, अपने नन्हे पैरो की ओट से, टिप्पा प्यारा |
झबरु ठेलु रोके इसको, बचाना है इनसे, टिप्पा हमारा ||

पहुंचेगा स्कूल , पढ़ेगा खूब टिप्पा प्यारा |
करेगा अपने सपने सच, सुपर हीरो है टिप्पा हमारा ||

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