Paper World: Plane Rush

Paper World: Plane Rush

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: August 31, 2019


Paper World: Plane Rush is the first of a new family of games, a world made of paper.

Maneuver a Paper Plane through tree branches and other obstacles to survive while you explode balloons, and achieve the world record in this flight simulator.

Paper World: Plane Rush is a rush and survival game with a simple and addictive one-touch gameplay but challenging difficulty. A beautiful design, and a relaxing and beauteous music will keep you playing for hours.

What is in version 1.0
- Unlimited rush survival mode were you can prove that you are the best player of this simulator in the world. Collect balloons to unlock more play modes and buy valuable items on the store!
- Unlockable Reach the Ground mode: survive to this challenging mode were you reach the ground with your paper plane before time runs out. By completing you receive a free packet!
- Unlockable 100 balloons mode: survive and collect 100 red balloons and receive wonderful rewards! but be careful of green and blue balloons!
- Click on the leaderboards button to see your records and compare yourself with other players from all around the world!

What is to come in version 1.1
- Flappy mode! a completely different gameplay mode, a horizontal mode paper plane flight simulator, unlock it by collecting 9999 blue balloons or get it with a little luck from a packet!
- Free unlimited rush survival mode (extreme version): a very hard version of the survival mode with a lot of new obstacles, be careful of the explosive balloons!
- Store will open on version 1.1! use your collected balloons to buy a wide variety of items that will help you in the game! or buy a packet to get a random item or a surprise!

Have fun, rate us and write your comments and suggestions, we read all of them!

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