Perfect Parking King (Early Access)

Perfect Parking King (Early Access)

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  • - Published/Updated Date: April 14, 2020


Are you a good driver?

Do you have what it takes to drive through narrow paths to reach your parking destination? If yes, then this game will surely make you reconsider it.

Keep your eyes open and stare at the dodgy paths that you have drawn to safely drive your car to the parking spot without crashing it.

A blockbusting and unique game with fastpark missions where you have to draw polypeptide like lines so that your car can drive without bumping into other cars.

You are required to drive your car from starting point to the parking destination by drawing a line. Draw the line in a way that it does not collide with the hurdles in each stage.

Each passing level becomes more difficult as each stage has more unique and difficult hurdles to cross through.

Shove away hurdles like containers by splatting them with excavators that you can also drive by drawing a line using your finger. But be careful as you don’t want your car to collide with the exactor.

Collect coins and keys by making path through the hurdles to achieve bonus points. Keys will help you in unlocking different vehicles with more power and better steering.

Stare at your screens while playing this unique game as some hurdles will be unexpected and appear out of blue.

Draw polypeptide like lines so that you are able to drive your car without crashing it in other cars or hurdles.

This game is one of the blockbusting games with fastpark techniques where you have to use vehicles accordingly to shove away the hurdles by splatting them in a direction where the car never collides with hurdles.

As this game is a fastpark game, it will require you to quickly draw polypeptide lines so that you can reach your destination with a timeout.

You must know which vehicle is more suitable for the level you are playing. If there are hurdles in the level, you must use an excavator to shove the hurdles as far as possible to avoid collision.

The excavators will be splatting all the hurdles in your way. Do not stare away from the screen as this blockbusting game is going to be the most difficult game you have played yet.

You must use polypeptide like lines as they are more flexible and it will be easy for you to drive your cars around hurdles.

Shove away as many hurdles as possible and collect as many coins and keys as possible to unlock all levels by splatting the hurdles. You must always stare at your screens as this blockbusting game is a fastpark game and is surely going to entertain you.

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