Phantom Knocks: Creepy Horror - Ghost Game

Phantom Knocks: Creepy Horror - Ghost Game

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  • - Required Android: 5.1 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: September 29, 2021



One of the scariest and creepiest game of 2020-2021!
Deal with paranormal activity, deep horror and the scary ghost as a ghost hunter!

Phantom Knocks is a intense horror game where you are trying to help people which their house is haunted.
You are a famous ghost hunter around world and Janet's family asked for help to you against the horrible ghost/phantom.

When they moved into this house, about after a week Janet met someone named Ruby in the basement. Janet doesn't know that ruby is a ghost. Ruby never hurt Janet yet she is not alive, and wanted to Janet to read the 6 book that Ruby wrote these books and could never find someone to read them. Janet trusted Ruby and loved her so much but as much as they get closer, Janet's soul was leaving her body slowly and insidiously. Eventually Janet fell into a deep sleep that she could never wake up from and her body couldnt take reading sixth book.
Now Ruby is angry as she has never been because ypu're about to destroy everything she's built so far.

Game Features

* A deep and real horror experience
* Absolutely creepy and scary atmosphere
* one of the scariest game of 2021
* Randomly appearing paranormal activities which they will give you goosebumps !
* Collectable phantom coins to get stronger.
* Chilling jumpscares
* Intense and stunning story
* Super creepy chance to have time scary and fun!

How to play Phantom Knocks?

To play this game successfully, you'll have to learn how to use PKE meter smartly. Use it as much as you can, see how the phantom is away from you and to not caught by the scary creepy ghost Ruby. And stay away from Janet when she wakes up because it is not the real Janet her soul! Now she has a dark and horrible soul. You can get stronger by buying skills and upgrades from store with phantom coins. You can also change Janet's outfit from store to personalize your own game. Get rid of the ghost by firing six books Ruby(Phantom) has written! And remove her from both her disappointments and Janet!

This is not granny. Be aware of the darkness
behind you and think twice before playing!

Good luck, have fun!

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