Pixel Battleground

Pixel Battleground

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  • - Required Android: 5+
  • - Installs: Varies with device
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 15, 2018


Changeable game scene, include night mode, the daytime mode, have a plenty of in the desert, some as if place oneself in Paris metropolis, every scene is dangerous, so to save power, do not despise your enemy, but can fight with two or three friends, cooperate with each other, encourage each other, only in the battlefield is not so lonely and helpless.

In this killing field if you know yourself and your enemy, you'll never lose a battle., so you should known some suggestions on the battlefield

Strategic concealment is the key: a reckless encounter with others on the battlefield will not bring you victory.

Learning to conceal and tolerate is the key to victory. The battlefield was covered with cloaking grass. Make the best of every hiding place, remember the rules of the battlefield, and laugh until you win!

Close combat: is the guns-driven battlefield boring? Yes! Pick up your favorite samurai sword, chainsaw, laser sword, and play lightly, using hidden grass, step by step on the throne of the champion.

Once again, the cold weapon and the hot weapon stand at the same height.
Pick up equipment: the battlefield is littered with hundreds of supply boxes, and pick up as much powerful equipment and weapons as possible.

Pay attention to match your weapons with your weapons, balance your battles with flexibility, and make yourself invulnerable!

Of course it's important to have a great hero, a great hero who's got a lot of attributes, a lot of blood, a lot of skills, basically killing one and killing the other.

As your section gets higher and higher, don't be stingy with your tips. Share it with your list of friends. After all, it can be lonely and boring if you can't find an opponent or someone without the skills to discuss.

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