Pocoyo 1, 2, 3 Space Adventure: Discover the Stars

Pocoyo 1, 2, 3 Space Adventure: Discover the Stars

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  • - Required Android: 4.2 and up
  • - Installs: 50+
  • - Published/Updated Date: April 2, 2020


A new Pocoyo adventure is here! Travel through the solar system learning everything about the planets. Discover the stars and learn to write the numbers 0 to 9 with Pocoyo.

Fly on your spaceship across our galaxy, visit all the planets from Mercury to the Earth to even Pluto. Discover a new way to have fun and education at the same time and reach the stars! A free game for kids

Are you ready to be a space explorer? our solar system is waiting for you, fly around the Sun as the commander of your spaceship and explore the planets. Pass by the moon and visit Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and get as far as Pluto!

Greet aliens in the way, acquire the basics of math and numbers with this space education Pocoyo Game! For free!

You are the commander of the spaceship on this space exploration mission for kids, you'll explore the planets by drawing numbers and interacting with aliens. They are not monsters, they are your friends!

Discover the most important constellations in the sky. Find the secrets of space and take photos of all the places you visit, all this while you find out everything to know about math and numbers. Drawing with your friends and family never was this much fun! Jump on your space rocket, fry around the moon, pass by the sun, greet your friends, the amazing aliens and Get all the medals. learn that they are not monsters, they are your friends! and they are here to help you travel on your spaceship!

- Pocoyo's space adventure, where you can see all about astronomy, numbers, and math! all while you have fun with your family, the best mix of entertainment, education, math, and adventure!!
- Discover the planets, hop on your rocket in the name of science and explore from space Mercury, the Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and even Pluto!
- Learn the numbers to become a math wiz while not forgetting that it's all about learning science and have fun in the best on educational games.
- A space explorer simulation game where, with the help of sounds and images, you'll be ready to start talking, writing and drawing all the constellations from the zodiac and sky, all the planets from our solar system and reach the edge of our galaxy.
- Ready to Guess the constellations? Discover all the stars of the sky for free! A game for boys and girls, where entertainment and education meet in our rocket as we travel across the galaxy.
- Reveal the secrets of the stars and constellations of the zodiac! Collect medals and become the best commander of the solar system!

Fly from Earth all the way to pluto and to the edges of our solar system, discover the entertainment hidden in our galaxy while you learn about numbers, math, and science, the best way to mix laughter and education.

Pocoyo 1,2,3 Space Adventure: Discover the Stars, learning through laughter!

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