Pregnancy Story

Pregnancy Story

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  • - Required Android : 4.4 and up
  • - Total Installs : 1+
  • - Published Date : Feb 16, 2023
  • - Categorie : Simulation

Play as the female lead in this fantasy story and make your choices in this romantic story game.

You will have a romantic relationship with either your Vampire Boss or his vampire brother!

You’ll receive 1 FREE TICKET & a certain amount of free diamonds EVERY DAY!

You’ll be able to use the free tickets to go through each chapter until you finish the whole story.

You’ll enjoy a love journey in the Fantasy World. Will you fall for the Boss!? Will you be his wife or choose to fall for his brother?

Choose your path in Vampire Pregnancy Romance : Interactive Story Games

Looking for a thrilling plot and romantic vampire story simulation game?

Enjoy your love adventure in this animated romance game!

Enjoy the fantasy, love, dramas, passions, romance, excitement, sweet moments and some more in this hot dating simulation game!

You’ll be playing your own story and choosing your boyfriend.

What’s the best in this interactive romance story game?

You can collect daily rewards for free and play Vampire Pregnancy Romance : Interactive Story Games for free!

Play interactive story games to...
✦Meet good-looking vampires… They are all hot and gorgeous! YES!
✦Enjoy the drama and romance… YES!
✦Dress up for work and parties and choose your outstanding outfit and style!
✦Meet your ultimate boyfriend! Kiss him, cuddle him! Let him confess your feelings to you!
✦Love the stunning graphics and animations!
✦Write your own story and destiny! Have a romantic, sweet journey with you Crush!
✦Try the simple tap-based game-play!
✦Have the best appearance in every LOVE EPISODES!
✦For fans of romantic stories, romance games and novels! For Vampire fans also!
✦Have fun! Will you stay human or be a vampire?

Fight for your Love! This is your best Royal Vampire Love and Romance Story Game.

The Vampire’s Baby

It’s an interactive romance story game (a dating simulation game) in which you could make all of your Choices!

Vampire Pregnancy Romance : Interactive Story Games is an interactive story.

Playing as the female protagonist, you will be able to make your decisions and decide your paths by making different choices in each episode throughout the story.

Choices matter, and each of them will lead to different events, paths and also the Love Points of the love interest!

Now make this interactive story your own romance story and decide your destiny!

Different endings can be unlocked freely. Let’s begin your romantic journey and experience the best ending with your favourite characters - your love interest!!!

Two vampires, each with a different love ending. They want to protect you, and they love you.

And you will encounter different characters to be your friends in this fantastic story.
What’s your decision and choice?

It’s a Visual novel game! Now play this game to enjoy a romantic animated adventure with your favourite character!

Play this love game to experience this fantastic romance story!
Make your choices in so many romantic episodes, and explore everything in this vampire romance story otome game! You’ll love it! Enjoy your romance!

Make your Choices! Decide your Paths! Choose your Episodes!

This interactive romance game (dating simulation game) will surprise you with an amazing fantasy story and all of the hot and gorgeous vampire characters!