Primordium APK

Primordium APK

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  • - Published/Updated Date: April 22, 2020



The Champions have returned to battle once more!

Primordium APK is a fast-paced mobile battle royale where dozens of Champions enter and only one gets to leave.

Battle with both friend and foe in a series of fast-paced magic and melee combat game modes!

The deadliest warriors in the galaxy have been summoned to the Champions Arena to prove who is the beastliest Champion!

From humans to aliens, all are welcome to fight to the death! Try not to die as you earn Gold to unlock new characters, weapons, and spells!

Why you'll love Primordium - Champions Arena :

+ BALANCED GAMEPLAY - Each game starts you at level 1, giving everyone a chance to unlock their abilities!

+ RANKING SYSTEM - After each game, take some of your gold and exp with you to earn new weapons, spells, and characters!

+ CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION - Choose from over 10 different characters with their own unique stats and style!

+ CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON - Enter the armory and select one of the dozens of available items!

+ MULTIPLE ARENAS - Play in a wide variety of AAA quality environments as you fight in hand-crafted arenas and procedural dungeons!

+ DEATHMATCH - Destroy any who cross your path in an endless battle with one goal; slay as many opponents as you can!

+ BOSS SLAYER - Enter the Dungeon of the Ancients, gather loot, slay creeps, and defeat the boss!

+ CAPTURE THE FLAG - Enter the Champions Arena and fight your way to the enemy base so you can steal their flag!

+ KING OF THE HILL - Enter an all-out killing field as you duel with other Champions to hold the hill for as long as possible!

+ SABOTAGE - Carry the bomb to the enemy fortress so you can destroy their base! Make sure to guard the bomb until it explodes!

+ BATTLE ROYALE - Be the last Champion standing in an all-out fight to the death! Watch out for the Death Circle!

+ FREQUENT UPDATES - The game will constantly be updated to add new weapons, spells, and characters!

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