Professor Layton and the Devil's Box EXHD (JP)

Professor Layton and the Devil's Box EXHD (JP)

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  • - Installs: December 5, 2018
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Layton Professor Animation Appearance Memorial Sale in Progress ★
Now you can play at 960 yen at 1,200 yen price!

Worldwide cumulative total shipment number 17 million or more "Layton" series second work "Professor Layton and Devil's Box" became "EXHD" and powerfully upgraded, it appeared in the smartphone!

"Devil's box" that those who opened it will surely die
Professor Layton and Luke challenge that madness!

【Here! EXHD
◆ Nazotake with easy operation by tap ◆
With the ease-of-use operation of the smartphone, you can easily and easily place the world of Layton anytime anywhere
You can adventure!
Investigate the town with taps and find hidden snakes and items!

◆ Power up with HD on screen ◆
As it is with the prompting menacing, the magazine screens become high image quality and power up!
Following "Layton's Professor and Professor's Adventure EXHD for Smartphone", supervised by Nazo,
Professor Masaki Takahashi who is also the author of 'Best Gymnastics'' Brain Teaser ''.
An animation is also a powerful picture!

One letter sent to Professor Layton.
It was from Dr. Andrew Schroeder who is a friend and a respecting teacher.


Finally, I got the "Devil's Box" that I've been pursuing for years.
Although I thought that it could not be opened until the survey was properly completed,
It is obsessed with the charm of the box and it seems to be opened without being tolerable.
If something happens to yourself ask him after.


Layton worried asked Dr. with Luke of assistant,
There is a figure of Doctor who has already gone down to...

A legendary secret treasure that a person who opened it and saw it surely die "a box of devils".
A curse that was put on a beautiful box ...
Is it a conspiracy by someone ...

The Devil 's Box disappeared from the scene.
And the newly discovered "Used Ticket" of "For entry Express".
Is that a message from a doctor?

They are the only clues on the More rally express,
I went on a trip to clarify the mystery...

【Luxury voice acting team】
· El Shahle · Leighton (CV: Hiroshi Oizumi)
· Luke Triton (CV: Horikita Maki)
· Anthony (CV: Takao Osawa)

1,200 yen

[Supported OS (compatible terminal)]
Android 4.4 or higher -
* Although it may be purchased even if it is a not compatible OS, it will be outside the operation guarantee. Even if it does not work properly in a non-compatible OS, we can not guarantee any operation and refund in advance, so please be forewarned.

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