Project Drift Battle Car Racing

Project Drift Battle Car Racing

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  • - Required Android: 1+
  • - Installs: 24M
  • - Published/Updated Date: May 21, 2020


Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. The most advanced Drift Battle Car Racing Game. Become a Real Drift King.

- 12 Car Models: Nissan GTR 2, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX 7 , 8 , Mazda Miata, Nissan S15, Nissan 180SX, 240SX, BMW M3, Nissan Odvyia.
- Drift with your friends on online mode.
- Car Customization
- Real-World and Tracks
- Adjustable AI strenght including an Easy, Medium, Hard mode
- Highly competitive AI
- Real Time competitive Multiplayer

Be a Drifting World Champion, There is no other drift racing game like it. If you want something new, original and ultra competitive, Project Drift is it. Real Racing against real people from around the world. Expect it to be hard, challecing anfd rewarding.

This game will entertain you for more hours than you think!

Top Fun Driving Games. Single or Multiplayer modes. Simple controls.

- Console quality racing.

- Keep your car as fresh as our skills with a custom paint job!

- The most realistic drift game o mobile devices, and easy controls and fun to play!

- The most realistic drift racing simulation on mobile devices!
- Specific engine sound for every car with turbo whistle and bloww off valve!
- Backfire Effects with sounds.

- Accelometer or touch steering mode.
- Slider or touch trottle;
- Automatic transmission.

- Points grow proportionally to drift angle, drift time and speed.

There are also 2 different points multiplier: "Drift Combo" multiplier and "Proximity" multiplier.

Drift Combo multiplier is increased by 1 whenever points reach a power of 2000 (1000, 2000,4000, 8000 etc.). If you change drift direction, points are added to Total Points Indicator (located in the top left of the screen) and reset. If points reach every multiple of 2000 again, Drift Combo is increased by 1 again. This works only if you keep drifting without too long interruptions between one drift and the other (less than 1 second), otherwise Drift Combo multiplier will be reset to 1.

Proximity multiplier is increased when you drift with the back of the car near a wall (less than 1.5 meters) proportionally to closeness. You'll notice this bonus with a slow motion effect and a text showing the multiplier factor.

If you hit anything you'll lose your partial points and all multipliers.

We will update Project Drift on every month with new cars and tracks. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

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