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  • - Required Android: 1+
  • - Installs: 13M
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 27, 2018


The new exciting stealth action game with elements of a shooter! An interesting story, vivid characters, a variety of levels and addictive gameplay that's what awaits you in this unusual indie game! Name of the game speaks for itself, you have to be in the shoes of the kidnapped person, who will periodically fall into the trap of the evil Doctor and get psychedelic experience, where everything is possible! But what was behind bright images?


The deafening blow to the head. The darkness in the eyes. Loss of consciousness. In the morning you find yourself in a strange hospital with barred windows, and the only door leading to the outside is closed. Strage Accidents helps you to get out and was horrified to find yourself in a mental hospital with a lot of psychos, and the only normal person among all this madness is you. But to stand still and wait for a miracle - it is dangerous and not interesting, so you decided to go throug the halls of that terrible hospital cleverly solving problems with enemies. But the walk ends with a meeting with the doctor, which explains why he needed you. The purpose of Doctor - a test of the new psychoactive substance under the name "Green Flare" at random "patients" and this time the least fortunate of our character, walking on a deserted street, in that ill-fated night.

A few reasons to download PSYCHOTRIP :

- Exciting story

- Nice graphics

- Easy management

- Fully voiced scenes

- An unusual gameplay


1. This game contains flashing lights
and loud noises

2. The game does not
promotes the use of
drugs and psychedelics in reality

The Music from trips:

1. Mizer and Goetz - Hydra:
2. daPlaque - Cya:
3. HeavyVirus - Memories:
4. Inaki and Futch & Slore - WASTELAND:
5. Our Autobiography - Wreck-It:
6. Our Autobiography - Badger Valentine:
7. Downpitched - Peanut Butter Monster:
8. Daenine - Target Finder (feat. GoldAN):
9. MAY - Terminus:
10. RAAL - Dimah:
11. ZEDION - Radiance:
12. CruciA - Kyuto Kira:

The game is not horror and has no purpose to scare you, but some scenes may seem scary.

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