QuesTavern Brandy: Drinks & Dragons!

QuesTavern Brandy: Drinks & Dragons!

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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 19, 2021


A demented interactive story, suitable for all ages.

Game book length - 80,000 words (422 paragraphs)

King Gink is desperate! His daughter -- Princess Elisabel -- was kidnapped by a ferocious fire-breathing dragon the day before her long-awaited wedding.
Brandy, the drunken archer, has been assigned the delicate task: will she be able to live up to expectations?

If you love comedy and demented insanity, QuesTavern is right up your alley!
QuesTavern’s menu doesn’t list food or drinks of any kind… but rather heroes!
Keep following us to discover the craziest and wackiest characters ever heard of! Many adventures await you: some will be entirely new, whereas in others you’ll just be wearing different clothes. For example, if playing as the archer wasn’t your thing, what about playing as a bard… or perhaps a pyromancer?

In this interactive story you are the main character!

Live the adventure, discover all the possible endings (from the "worst" to the "perfect" ending), enjoy the numerous references to geek pop culture and have fun with the gags! All of this embellished with beautiful illustrations.

Play without any commercial breaks!

The free version allows you to play only a part of the adventure; buy the full version in the app if you want to get to the end of the story.

### This Gamebook’s Sheet ###
Length: 80,000 words, 422 paragraphs
Genre: parody, comic, demented
Features: Diceless, Multiple Choices, Multiple Endings, Puzzles, Image Gallery
Author: Roberto Bucciarelli
Translator: David Spada
Illustrator: Alessandro Lalli

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