Rachel's Diary - Match 3 Romance Puzzle Games

Rachel's Diary - Match 3 Romance Puzzle Games

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Rachel's life is a mess! Help her make choices in romance & play matching games!

Dear diary,
my life is a complete mess.
I'm 32, with a dead-end job, and haven't dated anyone in over a year.
Sometimes I wish someone else would make my choices for me.

Meet Rachel, a 30-something career woman without much of a career, and without much luck in romance.
But that's all going to change... Thanks to YOU!

Solve fun and exciting match 3 puzzles to continue through Rachel's story and help her make life choices at every turn. Should she go on a date with her boss? What should she talk to him about? What can she do to make him fall for her unconditionally? All of these choices are in your hands!
You write Rachel's story!

Let me tell you a bit about the game:

Basically, you get to solve my problems
Which is great, because honestly I haven't been doing so well with that lately. You make my choices for me, decide my story, and I'll write it all down in my diary and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just *try* not to make things even worse?

Also, it's got those match 3 puzzle games people like
I don't know what it is about matching games, but I hear people get super into them, so knock yourself out I guess? Apparently you tap some matching blocks and blast them and it's supposed to be really fun?

More importantly, you get to follow my romance story
I mean, yeah, at the moment there isn't really any romance. YET. I'm counting on you to make the right choices, okay? And then there's gonna be romance, like, everywhere. A new hunky guy every episode, you know? That's what we're going for. Every episode!

It's all free
I don't know how they do it, but you can play all the match 3 romance puzzle games you can stomach without paying anything at all. Giving away games for free? Poor guys must be starving.

Sneak a peek at Rachel's diary, read her romance story, and solve fun match 3 matching puzzle games in the process! Help Rachel make better life choices and enjoy the resulting drama. And, most importantly: save me from spending another Christmas alone!

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