Raft Survival Forest 2

Raft Survival Forest 2

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: March 13, 2020



Welcome to raft survival free full forest game and have strong storyline with challenging missions.

The story of this raft forest chapter 2 is about a survivor who lived in an old village. This survivor want to explore whole world so decided to have travel around world.

During travelling plane was crashed on an unknown island. Now here start a dangerous but interesting raft survival forest 2 journey.

Help this lost survivor in this survival adventure games or survival jungle forest games to live a life of survival armor on deserted island.

In this raft survival island forest escape 2020 be a raft survival commando escape, find food to maintain your health, collect different crafting weapons to find way to escape from this survival adventure games or raft survival with islands.

Survival jungle forest games and raft survival game is best raft game ever you played before. Take raft survival game challenge with new raft episode and raft fort fun. Raft escape 3d survival game is raft games with free creative mode based on 3 islands with raft survival island forest game.

Raft escape 3d survival game or raft survival craft is based on raft forest survival escape mission where you are a lone survivor with wild animals in survival jungle forest games.

It is raft survival real game so do different tasks like have survival fight, survival build home as brave man survival with free survival games.

When you opened your eyes on wildlands just recall last day rules survival or last shelter survival in this new raft survival island game with raft survival high graphics.

Raft survival island simulator new survival game or free survival games have different crafting features in survival island adventure.

Main Features For Raft Survival Forest 2

Raft forest chapter 2 when you are trying to escape from wildland or island, you have to prey animals to maintain your health and sometime stromfall & bigfoot animals will try to hunt you to have delicious dinner so be active and don’t forget to collect health leaves to heal your health in this raft escape 3d survival game or raft survival craft game. It is raft original survival game with creative modes.

⚒️ Crafting
In this raft escape 3d survival game, raft survival basics simulator & raft survival home games you have to crafting the different objects to building rafts, home and other things to live on ocean is home. Pick different items from inventory in this survival island adventure to live for long time in free survival games or best survival games.

Travel around Different Islands
You have different island to travel and explore in this raft forest chapter 2 or survival adventure games. You need to collect the wood from trees and make raft to travel into next island in this raft survival jeu de survive.

Building Home
As you know you are trapped in to dangerous and Unknown Island and you don’t know how many days and nights you have to spend in this forest survival. So build home to survive for a long time otherwise wild and dangerous animals will hurt you.

Day And Night Mode
It is hard to survive in forest when you have nothing to eat and spend days and nights in this forest survival games. So join this raft survival island forest escape 2020 adventure as raft survival commando escape.

 Fight with Wildland Animals
Survival jungle forest games and survival jungle forest game while you are collecting items to build the home, raft and fire leaves in night, be careful because wild animals are behind you and they can hunt you or you can prey.

Real raft survival with forest islands where you have to perform different tasks like collect leaves for campfire and different tools to perform the tasks successfully Tools like hatchet, axe & torch, use equipment (Bone hamlet, wood & leather shoes) use weapons (Bow, wood spear, iron spear & bone club)

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