Raft Survival:Mini version

Raft Survival:Mini version

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  • - Required Android: 4.4 and up
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  • - Published/Updated Date: October 19, 2021



Raft survival. How can a raft survive in the ocean? Use the items you can get to build and upgrade rafts, survive in the ocean and explore the wider world. The adventure life of the ocean will bring you more interesting experiences. To build and upgrade your raft to live on the sea, protect it, rescue and get more new partners to sail together, explore a broader ocean and world, come and experience our raft construction, management and adventure survival game. !

????【Build and upgrade the Rafts】????
Build and upgrade your own raft by collecting wood, random treasure chests, ore and other mysterious construction materials to survive in the ocean.
Building and upgrading a raft is the most important thing for you to survive in the ocean. Without a raft or the raft is not strong enough, you will not be able to survive in the ocean. You need to upgrade the deck and build more decks, build watchtowers, sails, turrets, oars, etc. When your crew becomes more and more you also need to upgrade everyone's rest area, recreation area and entertainment projects.

????【Expand the team】????
As a great clever captain, rescue those who survived at sea and let them become crew members. When you have more and more crew members, you can direct them to work together to accelerate the construction of the raft and accelerate the speed of the raft faster and faster. You can also get a random pet. The pet may be a company, Snoopy, seagull, sea lion, or parrot. Come and try what else you can unlock.

⛵️【Survive by drifting in the ocean and explore the vast sea】⛵️
When your ark becomes more advanced and stronger, you can set sail for farther and broader seas. You can also build planting bases, plant fruits and vegetables, explore areas that have never been visited before, and harvest more mysterious things. Treasure chests, ore, etc. All this will not be smooth sailing. You may experience storms, fish attacks, whirlpools, etc. First of all, you need to increase the size and sturdiness of the Ark to deal with these unknown and dangerous challenges. Survival is the goal of this game.

????【Collect Diamonds】????
As a brave and great captain, you deserve to have a more spectacular raft. By building and upgrading the raft, you can get more diamonds, and your diamonds will increase when you are offline, and you will get a lot of diamonds when you return to the game again.

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