Railworks Electric Train Sim

Railworks Electric Train Sim

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  • - Required Android: 5.1 and up
  • - Total Installs: 5+
  • - Published Date: Jan 22, 2023


Railworks Electric Train Sim is about Electric train driving simulator 2D mobile game. Transport passengers on railworks.

Simulator of Russian electric trains 2D. Railworks Electric Train Sim features real trains, Russian cities and stations railworks. Start transporting passengers right now. Select the model of the electric train and the available route railworks.

To embark and disembark passengers, stop within the station railworks platform and open the doors.

Wait for all passengers to board and close the doors. Proceed to the next and final station of simulator.

The simulator uses real 2D physics. Do not allow the traction motor to reach high temperatures while driving at low speeds.

The higher the temperature, the more the engine is damaged. The heating temperature of the traction motor depends on its current power multiplied by the included speed (there are 4 speeds in total).

Engine power in this Train simulator game will always be higher at low speeds on railworks. As the train accelerates, the power decreases.

Engine cooling is automatic, but at high speeds it will be more efficient.

Several models of Soviet and Russian electric trains are available to you at the depot. Earn by transporting passengers to open new trains on railworks.

You can improve the characteristics of the electric train in the simulator by upgrading some units.

You can increase the power level of the traction motor or the efficiency of the cooling system.

You also have access to a more powerful spotlight that consumes less energy to improve road illumination. Install regenerative braking on your train.

It will allow to reduce the speed of the electric train on railworks without wearing out the wheel pairs and generate energy in the generator mode.

This energy will be returned back to the power grid, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the train.

The time of day on the route railworks changes automatically, depending on the time on your device.

Enjoy the train ride through beautiful and realistic, morning and evening, day and night landscapes of the city and the countryside.

You can connect the keyboard to your device in the simulator.

Control the electric train using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use the following keys: Horn - H, Light - L, Regenerative Braking - R.