Rainbow Friend:Pull to survive

Rainbow Friend:Pull to survive

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  • - Required Android: 5.1 and up
  • - Installs: 10+
  • - Published/Updated Date: Nov 10, 2022


You and your friends are kidnapped from a camping trip and stucked in Odd World. No more playing time.

From the moment of your capture, you need to rescue the Girl and complete all missions.

This is not a casual game cus you must survive five nights in the strange location that's entirely empty of life except your Rainbow Monster Friends who are hunting for you.

YOUR MISSION - Pull the pin & rescue the girl to collect missing object in each battle

Night 1: Find the Blocks & Arrange it in the right order
Night 2: Collect food's packages & Feed the Monsters
Night 3: Find the missing lights
Night 4: Collect the pin and light the room
Night 5: Mystery night ( cooming soom)
HOW TO SURVIVE - Avoid your scary Rainbow Friends & other creatures

Dog: Scary enemy with shape teeth who will attach you right when be seen. Dog can be killed by anything. Small tip: Meat will catch his attention and make him freeze right after eating.

Blue Monster: Attach Boy, Girl or Dog if be seen on the straight line. Blue could be killed by anything except Dogs.

Green Monster: Attach Boy, Girl, Dog by freezing a bullet if been seen on a straight line. Green could be killed by anything excep Dogs.

Orange Monster: Spitting fireball to the its enemy at the long distance. Orange can't move or burned by fire.
Purple Monster: Be careful cus it could be anywhere around you, event hanging on the wall. Only attach enemy once been touched. Could be killed by anything/ creatures.

Red Monster: Attache all Boy, Girl or Dog whenever be seen. Could be killed by any creatures except Dogs and Fire

Cyan Monster: Attach Boy, Girl and Dogs by its giant arm. Cyan can't be killed by Dogs or Ice.

Pull the pin bars in the right order.
Collect an item for each 5 winning battes
Rememver to escape from enemies to be survived

Various levels divided into 4 chapters. Challenge your brain with hundreds of fascinating puzzles.
High-quality graphic effects, get to your best experience.
Unlock characters: many characters with eye-catching, attractive skins.

The gameplay of this pull pin game is simple. But to win, you must have an intelligent and logical brain, and know what to do to pull the pin to rescue the Girl from Rainbow Friends monsters.

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