Real Brothers:  A fun and furious 2v2 action

Real Brothers: A fun and furious 2v2 action

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  • - Required Android: 4.5 and up
  • - Installs: 500+
  • - Published/Updated Date: October 5, 2019


Are you ready to experience a whole new type of arena shooter?

Welcome to Real Brothers. We are currently in Open Beta and you can be one of the first players! Get ready to enjoy quick-session fast-paced battling!

Choose from 3 unique heroes
• Anaya is quick and deadly at close range; Edward is a jack-of-all-trades with an extremely dangerous rocket launcher as his secondary weapon. Solomon is a tank; he’s a heavy hero with plenty of hit points who can be destructive at any range.
• Each hero has 2 different weapons: one has unlimited ammunition, the second has limited ammo but super powerful.

An easy-to-navigate map
• Focus on the firefight and your tactics, not studying the map. You’ll need to capture and hold the area in the middle to be victorious. Taking out your enemies will help, but it won’t win the battle for you.
• Make sure to utilize everything on the map to get an advantage! There’s plenty of health and ammo pick-ups scattered across the map. If you want to sneak up on an unaware enemy or hide from being engaged in a firefight, use cover!

Play together. Win together!
• Join forces with close friends, family members or random buddy to take on a terrible twosome on the other team.
• Want to play with someone you know? All you need is their in-game name. Just be sure to revive them when they’re down but not out.

A console experience on your mobile
• Enjoy a dual-stick control scheme that you’re used to having with your gamepad, except this time it’s all in your hands!
• High-quality graphics you’re used to seeing on your TV when gaming on a console on your smartphone now!

We hope you experience and enjoy all that Real Brothers has to offer. Please remember that it’s currently in a Beta stage, so somethings might be slightly unpolished, or bugs may be found. However, if you do find bugs, please report them by email or by using Google’s feedback system.

Good luck, brothers!

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