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  • - Required Android: 10+
  • - Installs: 13M
  • - Published/Updated Date: November 14, 2018


Requiescence is a Gothic fantasy BL visual novel set in a magical, mysterious cathedral.

It follows the story of a young mage, Kymil, as he adventures into the cathedral's dark depths in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind his uncle's death. Along the way, he meets a host of powerful adventurers, all with their own personal goals... and secrets.

Whose story will you follow? Will you discover the truth behind your uncle's death, or fall prey to your enemies? Will your tale end with love, or with despair...?

Requiescence Features :

• 125,000 words -- 10-15 hours of gameplay (in the full game)!
• Partial English voice acting!
• 3 male romance routes
• 6 total endings
• PG-13 rating (violence, swearing, sexual references)

Requiescence Info :

The demo is free to play! To continue past the demo, you can purchase the full game for $9.99 or a single route for $3.99.

This version is PG-13 (no 18+ scenes are allowed on Google Play).
You can purchase the R-18 version of Requiescence here:

Requiescence Team :

Requiescence was created by Argent Games, an English visual novel development company.

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