Rhythm of Wartune

Rhythm of Wartune

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  • Required Android: 4.0.3 and up
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  • Published/Updated Date: May 10, 2019


Rhythm of Wartune is a mobile fantasy game with idle gameplays. The story takes place in Europe, where modern technology met magic.

Had suffered from years of invasions of mutant demons, human communities began to crumble. Many of their territories had been captured by the Dark Legions.

Humans, known as the intelligent creatures, were on the verge of extinction. Survivors now are going to combine the modern European technologies with magic powers, explore freely in this chaotic world controlled by the Dark Legions, create the strongest humans, and team up with companions.

Together, they will stand against the mutant creatures! The human's future is now relying on these warriors...

Immersive gaming experience in the fantasy world. It has no real dungeon mode. Instead, it provides Bosses that gradually get stronger and bounty and main quests that become more difficult.

Players need to scramble for resources. Only those who constantly challenge to become stronger can rule this world!

* Fast Adventure: Loot awesome gear and resources while you are away. Challenge various Bosses.
* Genetic program: Overthrow the dark magic with advanced genetic engineering.
* Alliances: Strong interaction and fascinating PK features meet the needs of all types of players.
* Home: Socialize under this casual feature. Make friends all over the world.
* Various features: Pets, Motors, Costumes. Fight with all attributes boosted.
* Ascension: Boost your character to another level with great potentials.

Official Website: www.iclubjoy.com
Contact Us: https://www.facebook.com/Rhythm-of-wartune-399766824141013/

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