Rise of Warfare - Real Strategy MMO War Game

Rise of Warfare - Real Strategy MMO War Game

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 100+
  • - Published/Updated Date: July 23, 2020


We arrived Unity, a planet embroiled in all-out war.

Develop defenses, reproduce alliances, failing enemies, then continue to be sustainable!

Summon you abilities between strategy, combat, diplomacy yet leadership in conformity with master the unsafe creation over Rise of Warfare.

Will thou discover the modern comprehension as much a frontier?

Or crave according to triumph over the whole thing ye find? Will thou charge legendary heroes then government epic wars?

Or dedicate your self in accordance with building a passionate military base?

It pleasure keep over in accordance with you! Explore a new, immersive announcement among the Unity world, ask outdoors modern life now!

Rise of Warfare FEATURES :

Build, upgrade yet defend thy city. Appoint heroes in imitation of enhance the metropolis development, manage you Main City or Satellite City wisely in conformity with most thine strategy.

Experience fierce combat with players every upon the world.

Battles take place between real-time about the map, including arbitrary organisation movements, current direct execute lie issued according to formations at some time.

Tired of attacking only the static towns? clasp you enemies about theirs way or propulsion your armies according to victory!

Explore top-quality combinations with 200+ Heroes, 300+ Skills, and infinite possibilities.

Dispatch above in accordance with 10 formations simultaneously, ride immeasurable strategies about the world map.

Costume thy build together with 5 types about units: Chargers, Enforcers, Specters, Bombers, and Hammers.

Battles are no longer fits regarding numbers. Deploying the units appropriate allows ye in accordance with beat on enemies some distance more desirable than you! Strategy lives here.

Collect heroes beyond 4 unique factions: United Colonists Alliance, the People’s Justice, the Ascended, or the Wanderers. Summon instant heroes together with tactical abilities, discover instant formations, or contemplation thy skills.

Seize lands regarding the ball chart and enlarge your territory!

Conquer the Pass along you friendship and power the indispensable strategical location.

Build above in accordance with eight exclusive sorts over constructions concerning the ball map, extend thine economic system and military strength!

Become the leader and part on a powerful Alliance to conquer the planet.

Work including thy friends, declare territories yet conquer NPC cities to that amount ye perform under no circumstances bear with over your own.

Does anybody fret you? Ally together with you alliance, burden a obstruction regarding him, break whoever gets in thy way. United we stand. Together we stay.

You can imitate legendary items after improve your hostilities strategy. Upgrade Arsenal or Vehicle Factory in conformity with uncover current items.

Strengthen your hero or formations in imitation of conquer the conflicts by using equipping thine heroes. Be the developing recent power from now on!

- In-game Wiki is on hand whenever ye hold questions about Skill, Hero, Formation, Unit Type, Battle System, Hero Team-up, Equipment, Chronicles Quests, Game Season, etc.
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