Rising Sun

Rising Sun

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  • - Published/Updated Date: 05/23/2020


Welcome Mayors!

Rising Sun is Crescent Lake Games' exciting new city-building simulation game. Rising Sun is an authentic simulation game, where the city lives and breaths, and the decisions you make have a dynamic impact on the development of your city. Join us, play test the game and get involved as we share work in-progress development work with you.

Major Features;
 Deep, living simulation systems including;
+ Usage zone types residential, commercial, industrial
+ Live-ability; education, healthcare, pollution, and traffic
+ Safety; fire & crime
+ Beauty; parks, green space, cultural space and civic pride
+ Intercity dependence
+ Tax, economy, and city budgets
+ Interactive missions creating ever change goals, providing taxing choices and great opportunities for success and reward
Public policies, enacted by you the Mayor to set the agenda in your city
Powerful road and network systems allowing greater freedom to support your design and creative goals, as well as overcome the traffic challenges.
Building placement & zoning to satisfy the city planner in you

This fan app provides insight into the development process and an opportunity to be part of the community as we create this new as well as early access to this exciting new game.

Join us Mayors❤️

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