Rising Sushi - Free

Rising Sushi - Free

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  • - Required Android: 4.1 and up
  • - Installs: 1+
  • - Published/Updated Date: May 24, 2020



Rising Sushi is a fast paced arcade with simple and precise controls in which your skill to grab and drop giant pieces of sushi with a claw in the right moment and order is key to assemble the tower and score points.

Choose your pieces wisely and don’t get distract, time is gold and the customer doesn't wait, you have to be quick and accurate to keep the service going when the difficulty starts to rise and the speed of the game gets crazy.

Remember orders and arrange them in the right sequence, get perfect placements without mistakes to use the sushi cannon and gain bonus pieces, and keep the tower between it safe zone to master the game and get the best score in the leaderboards.

To increase your score and don’t get a game over you must take and memorize the orders from the big dragon, and then stack them properly. At first you’ll get basic combinations of few pieces, but be careful when the number and mix of pieces from each order gets bigger.

Stack pieces perfectly, do it following the basic setup, with a base of rice and up to two pieces of any other ingredient, don’t miss any placement and when you get a streak of three perfect pieces that way, the crane will be overloaded, changing the claw for a sushi cannon with which pieces fall non-stop at a frenetic rate. It doesn’t matter if you miss while you’re shooting the cannon, but is the best chance to score extra points.

Solve the various challenges in form of achievements to multiply the experience you gain in each play and with that your chef level increase faster. Get the best scores to level up and stay on top of the chefs leaderboard, or achieve the best service in a single game that no one could beat in the leaderboards.

Handmade animated, with a pixel art finish, and inspired by classic woodblock printings from the 17th century.

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